Let us help you grow your business based on your marketing and sales goals.


We value social capital and leadership as the drivers to success, whether you lead and organization or software corporation.


We can teach you how to win market share, develop strategies, and close the deal.


Let us guide you and your business toward success and create a meaningful impact in your community.


Halland Group is a creative partnership of talent and experience that brings success to organizations and businesses worldwide. With our unique combination of skills, we bring a depth of expertise to clients from the technology sector to the arts.

We value SOCIAL CAPITAL and LEADERSHIP as the drivers to success, whether you lead an arts organization or a software corporation. We will improve your bottom line, whether that be financial or cultural.


  • Executive Management

  • Sales Leadership

  • Channel and Distribution Management

  • Professional Services

  • Business, Corporate, & Program Development

  • Strategic Transitions

  • Technology Solutions Practice Alignment and Methodology

  • Team & Relationship Building

  • Capacity Building for Nonprofits

  • Messaging

  • Impact Evaluation for Nonprofits



For more than 25 years, Steve has led organizations to success, exceeding mission goals for growth and development. Today, he brings deep industry expertise to actively support multiple technology companies, with specific emphasis on strategy, executive management, sales, marketing, channels and go-to market strategies.

Steve’s areas of focus include software, cloud services, virtualization, broad line distribution and value added channels.



Ana specializes in sustainable organizational, program and operational strategy for nonprofits. Working with organizations to achieve mission fulfillment, her approach is collaborative, transparent, and driven by data and results. 

Ana’s areas of focus are the arts, the humanities, and education.

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